White Kitchen – 2

This is second in the series of pictures of this kitchen.

White Kitchen -1

This is one of three pictures of this kitchen. We worked with the owners to design. this kitchen. we then fabricated, painted and installed it.

Home Office Furniture

This group was built for a customer that wanted to have a home office. This is three pieces that couple together to create a bank of furniture that is about 10 feet long. We have lighting in the bookshelves and some of the drawers are files drawers.

Home office File Cabinet

This lateral file cabinet was made for a home office. the project was made from mahogany wood. At the time this picture was taken we were waiting for a piece of granite to be delivered for the top.


These bookshelves were built to fit along the "half " wall in this bedroom.


Custom Buffet / Serving Table

I built this for my wife's brother and sister-in-law. They purchased a Bistro style table and chairs but a buffet style table wasn't available. This is made from hickory and hickory veneer. the staining process turned out to be a four step process after which we applied 3 coats of lacquer. The corner of the table and a chair are visible in the picture. I think we got the color pretty close.

Custom Display and Storage

We made this cabinet for a customer that sells protective safety clothing. She wanted a piece of furniture that could store these items as well as display them.

Custom Portable Electric Fireplace

We made this fireplace for my mother. She wanted it electric, portable and out of oak. She got all of that and more.

Custom Furniture to Match

This piece was built to match furniture purchased in California. The customer wanted a item with these features and it wasn't available, so we made it for them.

Drawer Chest

This is another of the young boy's bedroom collection. It was designed to fit in the space between two door as well as able to move around the room. We also kept the height a little lower to fit into the room.