Custom Furniture to Match

This piece was built to match furniture purchased in California. The customer wanted a item with these features and it wasn't available, so we made it for them.

Drawer Chest

This is another of the young boy's bedroom collection. It was designed to fit in the space between two door as well as able to move around the room. We also kept the height a little lower to fit into the room.

Captain’s Bed

This Captain's Bed was built for a young boy's bedroom. It is part of a set designed to fit into a "half " story bedroom.

Custom Bedroom Secretary

This item was designed by an interior decorator for use in a bedroom as a secretary as well as a drawer chest. It was constructed using mahogany wood and finished with a walnut stain to give it a old browned look.

Curio Cabinet

This curio cabinet was built as a gift. It is one of three.

Home Office Bookshelves

These bookshelves were made to match a desk the customer already had. He wanted us to build these "in". We suggested that we build them as free standing furniture so they could be moved. He liked our idea.

Custom Made Drawer Chest

This drawer chest was built for use in a little girls bedroom. the design came from combining features from a bath vanity we made for the same customer and features we found in a furniture advertisement

Home Office Desk and Storage.

The desk and storage cabinet pictured was built around the window to take advantage of the view. This project was built using birch wood and stained with a burgundy color.

Home Entertainment Center

This home entertainment wall was built from a picture out of a magazine. All of the features were adjusted to fit into the space we had. Everything was built in place and finished when done.

Fireplace Makeovers

This fireplace is in a 1950's home. Originally the fireplace only had the cut stone. We constructed the wood mantle in our shop, carried it to the job and installed it over the stone to give the room a whole new look with almost no mess.