Captain’s Bed

This Captain's Bed was built for a young boy's bedroom. It is part of a set designed to fit into a "half " story bedroom.

Wine Storage

The wine storage unit pictured here is made all from redwood. It stretches out to be almost 26 feet long an will hold about 900 bottles of wine. We built this to fit into a wine cellar area built into the owners basement.


Custom Bedroom Secretary

This item was designed by an interior decorator for use in a bedroom as a secretary as well as a drawer chest. It was constructed using mahogany wood and finished with a walnut stain to give it a old browned look.

Kitchen Re-facing

This kitchen was built using birch plywood. We re-faced the cabinet bodies and made new doors and drawer fronts. We finished it with a ginger color.



Curio Cabinet

This curio cabinet was built as a gift. It is one of three.

Range Hood Details

To give a bit of contrast we veneered grain on a diagonal to the area over the range hood.

TV Cabinet Details

The Carved work above this cabinet was added to give extra detail to the kitchen.


Stair Railings

The stair railing like the balcony railing was made with hard maple and assembled with dovetail joints. We had to build this on site cut and assemble everything on the stairs, then sand it smooth before finishing.

Balcony Railing

The balcony railing pictured was built from a architect's design. it is constructed from hard maple and assembled with dovetail joints. There are no mechanical fasteners..

Home Office Bookshelves

These bookshelves were made to match a desk the customer already had. He wanted us to build these "in". We suggested that we build them as free standing furniture so they could be moved. He liked our idea.