Home Office Furniture

This group was built for a customer that wanted to have a home office. This is three pieces that couple together to create a bank of furniture that is about 10 feet long. We have lighting in the bookshelves and some of the drawers are files drawers.

Home office File Cabinet

This lateral file cabinet was made for a home office. the project was made from mahogany wood. At the time this picture was taken we were waiting for a piece of granite to be delivered for the top.

Home Office Bookshelves

These bookshelves were made to match a desk the customer already had. He wanted us to build these "in". We suggested that we build them as free standing furniture so they could be moved. He liked our idea.

Home Office Desk and Storage.

The desk and storage cabinet pictured was built around the window to take advantage of the view. This project was built using birch wood and stained with a burgundy color.