Bathroom Vanity and Mirror Frame

We made this vanity and matching mirror frame to put in a remodeled half bath. The idea of putting two sinks in the vanity was to allow two young girls to get ready for school at the same time.

Custom Bath Vanity

This Bathroom vanity was designed for a young girls bathroom. We took aspects from several designs, combined them to come up with this. It matches a drawer chest we made for the same customer.

Vanity and Garden Tub Deck

This is a view of our master bath. The tub deck aids nestled behind the vanity to give a cozy feel. The center of the vanity protrudes out about 3 inches and there are real drawers under the sink. The sculptured solid surface counter top gives it a very custom appearance.

Bath Storage Cabinets

This wall of storage contains shelving for linens.  This group of cabinets was designed to hide a chimney. It includes shelving for cosmetics and medicines as well as linens and a laundry chute.Custom Bath Storage


Remodeled Master Bath

Our master bath after we remodeled